ROL/STATGA About ROL/STATGA ROL/STATGA – Cost effective system

ROL/STATGA – Cost effective system

ROL/STATGA (part of ROL group) – the leader of Baltic metal pipe processing services market. Most suitable for those, who are looking for the time and cost-effective systems of production projects, because it differs from other market participants by:

Possibilities. Pipeline processing technology park, the management of production and logistics procedures allow the implementation of even the most difficult projects with particularly attractive time and financial costs.

Reliability and complexity. Projects are implemented according to the agreed drawings, accurate estimates, the production programs and delivery schedules after consultations with the customer.

Competence. Staff knowledge, skills and organisational methods have been developed for 10 years already. This is confirmed by the successful implementation of ROL group customers' projects.

Customer benefit – savings in time and cost, effective process control, and reduced psychological stress.

Coop, Dixon, H&M, ICA, La Halle, Tchibo, Vertu have trust in ROL/STATGA brand.

We are proud to support the implementation of projects in the commercial furniture and equipment, metal products, machinery and equipment, radio, television equipment and apparatus, medical, precision and optical instruments, office equipment and computers, electrical machinery and equipment spheres.