ROL/STATGA mission – to assist in the implementation of production projects and qualitatively increase their value. This is achieved by the provision of tubular metal processing services, manufacturing of metal products in accordance with the requirements of the customer, and by saving the cost of these projects.

Mission implementation involves four priorities. They reflect the main values of all ROL group members:

1- Be creative and purposefully shifting.

All companies in ROL group are committed to purposefully develop their growth and creative resources. The source of continuous success - the ability to attract both creative and technologically advanced people.

2 - To seek for product excellence.

All companies in ROL group pay special attention to every detail in order to ensure product excellence. Our products and services can not disappoint. On the contrary, they must surprise customers with their quality, durability and completeness.

3 – Be enterprising.

Group organisational structure is decentralized. This promotes efficiency, productivity and creativity. We are sure such organisational type is extremely motivating and dynamic. It encourages initiative and forces to take a real commitment – sometimes very early in someone's career. Thus we expect that each company in the group employs well-organised project implementing teams.

4 – Strive to be the best in our activity field.

Last but not least, our significant value – ambitions to be the best in our activity field. All of our companies strive to constantly improve, to expand the range of skills, not to be over self-satisfied, to improve the quality of work and always go hand in hand with innovative ideas.