ROL/STATGA Possibilities Laser cutting of pipes

Laser cutting of pipes

With the device ADIGE LT651 we cut very accurately the holes of various sizes and shapes in pipes.

Specifications of the machine:

  • Cutting accuracy +- 0,3 mm;
  • Cut round pipe diameter: min. 16mm, max. 120mm;
  • Cut rectangular pipe sizes: min. 30mm x 15mm, max. 120 x 70mm;
  • Cut oval pipe size: min 30mm x 15mm, max. 120mm x 70mm;
  • Loaded pipe length: min. 3200mm, max. 6500mm;
  • Cut wall thickness of mild steel: up to 6,3mm;
  • Cut wall thickness of non-corrodible steel: up to 4mm;
  • Cut wall thickness of aluminium: up to 3mm;
  • The longest manufactured part: up to 3500mm;

CAD projects for cutting have to be prepared in dwg format.