ROL/STATGA Possibilities Metal pipe cutting

Metal pipe cutting

With CNC machine ADIGE TS 7-1 we cut very accurately the pipes of different configuration.

Specifications of the machine:

  • Mounted automatic material feed device;
  • Automatic pipe load from the pipe package;
  • Automatic pipe feed to the cutting machine;
  • Automatic determination and measurement of the cut part;
  • The machine can cut the pipe in different lengths at the same time;
  • Optimisation program of the cut parts layout in a pipe was installed; it can offer the most cost-saving layout of pipe fittings;
  • Automatic distribution and placing into different boxes for transporting;
  • Cutting speed: 3 ÷ 6s;
  • Cutting accuracy: ±0.1mm;
  • Cut pipe size: from 10mm to 100mm;
  • Cut parts length: from 150 mm to 3200mm;
  • The longest pipe fitting into the machine: 6500mm.

Semi-automatic band saws

With the machine Pilous TMJ – ARG 230, produced in the Czech Republic, we cut pipes of different types.


Specifications of the device:


  • Cutting accuracy: 0.5mm;
  • Adjustable cutting angle: from 90º to 45º;
  • Round tube diameter: from 10mm to 220mm;
  • Max. dimension of square pipe: up to 195mm;
  • Max. dimension of rectangular section: up to 185 x 220mm;
  • Cut part length: from 10mm;
  • We cut pipes of ferrous metal, stainless steel, and aluminium.


Important! When there‘s a small quantity of products ordered, the universal possibilities of laser and the cost-effectiveness of the operation are revealed, when making comparisons with costs of alternative production methods.