Milling is performed with universal machine ISZ 676

Horizontal and vertical milling.


We can use disc milling cutter, cam milling machine, and angle milling machine.


Technical specifications of the equipment:


  • Milling accuracy: +- 0.1;
  • Milling head is turned at any angle;
  • Max. diameter of a horizontal milling: 125 mm;
  • Max. diameter of a vertical milling: 40 mm;
  • Side to side table motion: 500 mm;
  • In and out table motion: 300 mm;
  • Up and down table motion: 380 mm.


Note: we have mastered the laser milling operation, especially in high-precision projects.

Milling with band milling machine „Scantool“

This is the perfect way to connect round stainless steel pipes.


Technical specifications of the machine:


  • Milling accuracy: +-0.5;
  • Adjustable milling angle: from 0º to 90º;
  • Adjustable milling diameter size: from 16 mm to 50 mm;
  • Band rotation speed: 960 m/min;
  • Depth of milling metal: up to 100 mm;
  • Able to mill round and square tubes.