ROL/STATGA Possibilities Pipe bending

Pipe bending

Bending press Dorobend 170 can simultaneously handle up to 4 pipes.

The machine can bend pipes to all 3 directions.

Technical specifications:

  • Two separate bending devices;
  • Max. size of two simultaneously bent pipes: 26mm x 2mm (wall thickness);
  • Max. size of three simultaneously bent pipes: 22mm x 1,5mm (wall thickness);
  • Max. size of four simultaneously bent pipes: 18mm x 1mm (wall thickness);
  • Max. angle of bent pipes: from 0º to 180º;
  • Bending devices may be turned: from 0º to 90º;
  • Angle for bending devices can be adjusted: from 45º to 90º;
  • Each bending device can bend different angles (part is treated simultaneously);
  • Bending accuracy: +-0.5°;
  • In theory, we can bend round, square, rectangular black metal or stainless steel pipes;
  • Can be up to 4 parts at one time – bending them from both sides at different angles.