ROL/STATGA Possibilities Project management

Project management

ROL/STATGA is well aware of how to transform all orders into a clear production program.

Installed and successfully employed „IFS“ software for personnel and production management enables efficient control over manufacturing processes – it helps to determine the place and state of any produced part at any minute in real time. It is easy for customers to track the progress of the project: starting from the order confirmation and finishing with preparation for shipment.

The principle of one person.

Clients communicate with the project manager, who is responsible for the project: resolves any ambiguities raised, advises, and supports effective relationship with the client. The benefit you get – savings in time cost for the project coordination with designers, graphic designer, production manager, and – the person responsible is clear.

Full responsibility for the final product.

ROL/STATGA is responsible for the final product quality, even if different raw materials are being used during manufacturing process of the product.